First time visitor?

Here's what you need to know:

Parking: You will find plenty of parking spots along the road. On Sundays, we have been given permission to park behind the Palmer's Realtor building as well. The grass lot beside the Christian Education building is okay to park in as well, and is accessible via the alleyway beyond our graveyard.

Door: No matter the event you are here for (worship, soup night, boy scouts, etc.) the main door to the sanctuary will be unlooked. See the picture above for guidance.

Greeters: When you enter, you will find yourself in our foyer. Here, you may hang your coat (or find access to the lower level via a lift or stairs). Once you enter into the sanctuary, you will be greeted by one of our friendliest members. They will offer you a bulletin for worship and invite you to sit wherever feels most comfortable to you. They will be able to point out the bathroom at the back of the sanctuary.

Accessibility: Our entire facility is 100% ADA compliant.

Children: During worship, our children are invited forward for the Time for Disciples of All Ages with Pastor Emily. After that, they are sent to Children's Church downstairs where they learn about God, the Bible, and themselves.

Nursery: We have a nursery available for any parent to retreat to with their infant. A crib, changing table & supplies, swing, small toys, and rocking chair are available there. The nursery is easily accessible up the ramp into the Christian Education building. One of our greeters would be delighted to direct you.

Restrooms: We have a total of five gender neutral restrooms. One is located at the rear of the sanctuary. Two are located at the top of the ramp in the Christian Education building. Two are located in the Fellowship Hall on the lower level.

Leaving: If at any point during worship or an event you feel the need to leave, you are welcome to do so. The last thing we want is for you to feel "trapped" in the house of God.

Want to Know More?

There are a number of ways to get to know our congregation more before visiting.

1. Check out the rest of this website - you will find plenty of information about our various ministries, choirs, and outreach opportunities.

2. Visit us on YouTube, here.

3. Check out our Facebook or Instagram.

What Worship is Like