Our Values

We are a friendly, engaging church where no one is a stranger. We strive to follow that wonderful Reformed maxim that the purpose of life is to worship God and enjoy God forever. We do that through many means and are grateful that you are visiting our website now to learn a little more about us.

Mission Statement

The mission of our church is to glorify God by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and by witnessing to all persons the knowledge and love of God.

To fulfill this mission we are called:

  • to worship God meaningfully both in public and in private; 
  • to nurture our faith through prayer and the study of God's Word and His Will for our lives; 
  • to provide a supportive, loving, and caring ministry to and with one another; 
  • to reach out and welcome others into this ministry; 
  • to seek out and serve those in need in both the community and the world. 
  • We pledge our time, our resources, and our involvement in the attainment of this mission.

The History of MUPC

  • In 1948 the McConnellsburg Presbyterians and the McConnellsburg United Presbyterians began an association which led to a merger in 1958.  Hence, our name,  McConnellsburg UNITED Presbyterian Church.  This union is the foundation of our present church family, and both merged churches have deep roots within the great and beautiful cove valley, in which we are situated.  The Presbyterians in the valley were frequently supplied with preachers as far back as 1766.  Records indicate that a petition signed by 41 families requesting a minister was refused by the Dongegal Presbytery in 1769.  Around 1790, the families organized themselves into a congregation which met in a log church two miles south of McConnellsburg and which had supply preachers appointed by the recently organized Carlisle Presbytery.  In 1811, a brick church was built on the present South Second Street lot, which was deeded by Daniel McConnell..........READ MORE