Statements of Faith

Will Dovey's Statement of Faith

     I believe in the power of God and what He can do. God is all around us and helps us in many ways. God helps people in their time of need, helps them get cured from diseases and even works absolute miracles sometimes. God brought Jesus back from the dead and there are cases where people have been dead for over 40 minutes and have come back, I believe that is God's work. I’m not saying that God is only a miracle worker, but that is part of God’s love.

     I believe God has been here from the start. And by being there I mean being by your side and everyone else’s side to help in times of need or just help in every little way. I believe in the Holy spirit and I believe that He is everywhere around us and is in every one of us. God is forgiving, kind and loves every one of us unconditionally. Even if you have done bad things in the past, God will still love you.

     I believe that Jesus watches over us and died for our sins on the cross. Jesus loves every one of us and because he loves us, he even died for us to protect us and wash sin away from our souls. We sin when we aren’t thinking and by mistake, we do not consider the consequences of our wrong actions, and Jesus protects us from those consequences. Jesus did so many amazing things to help us and provide for us. Jesus loves us, so in turn, we all love him back. I believe in the love and power of Jesus and what he has done for us through his love.

     For a long time now, the Church has believed these things and witnessed the acts of God. I believe the Church helps the community around us out in many ways such as the soup nights. I believe that our Church welcomes new members willingly and is open to everyone if they are willing to join. The Church offers me a way to express my faith and my love for the Lord through this confirmation class and by just being at the Church. This Church has introduced many people, including me, to the love of God and will help many more people along the way.

Gavin Fowler's Statement of Faith

     I believe that there is one God who created the earth and life. I think Jesus died for us to save us from our sins I believe that we go into heaven after death. Jesus forgives us when we do something bad. I could be a better Christian by praying more and going to church more. Confirmation gives me a better chance to have a better relationship with God. Faith is important to me because it can give you strength during hard and rough times. It can also give you peace in the good times. In my eyes following God helps us to be a better person. Being a Christian is more than going to church you have to be a better person outside of the church as well. I believe being a member of the church will bring me great opportunities to be a better person in life.

     The holy spirit lives in me. I want the holy spirit to live in me just like the nurses that go to work every day in fear. Jesus Christ stood up in fear and died for us just like the nurses are doing right now. Jesus stood up for us and I want to live a life where I stand up to people that aren't as privileged as I am in this world. I want to allow the holy spirit to live in me and do gods work.


Marin Carbaugh's Statement of Faith

     I believe God exists. God created me to love others as they do me. I believe Jesus is there for all of us. Jesus teaches me to believe in God no matter the situation. I know Jesus loves me because he always forgives. I believe the Holy Spirit is in everyone. The Holy Spirit will always be with me. I believe Christianity is helpful. I want to be an active Christian because I can always help people and I can learn more about God.

     I know God exists because God lives through all of us. You can tell he lives through us because of the acts we do. We do many acts of kindness, but also many sinful things. Like acting against God for example. When we do sinful things, God forgives. When we are hurting, God is there. God will always be there no matter how hard the times.

     I know Jesus is there for us because when there are hard times Jesus will help us through it. You will know Jesus is there for you no matter what when you let him into your heart. When you let Jesus into your heart you become a true Christian, because you’re showing you believe in Jesus as well as God.

     I can tell the Holy Spirit is in all of us because we are protected from terrible things. Somethings we can’t be protected from while others we can. All of us are protected in one way or another because of God’s loving mercy through the Holy Spirit.

I know Christianity is helpful because it sets us up in one of the right paths of God. For example, there are many paths up the same mountain. We are all Christians following Christ. We all have Christ living in us helping us in our path of being a Christian. 

     The church is like a tree. A tree depends on everything it has to survive, just like us as a church depends on one another to keep the church running. This could also be said as, a tree without a trunk is nothing except a few branches, leaves, and possibly fruit. This is like God and the church. Without one part the tree will die. Without God, we can’t live our life to the fullest. Knowing we are always protected by God we can always live on. We can show our love for God in many ways, but one dependable way is to go to church, pray, or sing.

Henry Alexander's Statement of Faith

     “I believe in God, the father almighty, maker of heaven and earth”, creator and sustainer of the universe, the merciful power, and the loving father. The Lord is known by many names, and God accepts them all, just as God accepts any person, no matter how they are described by society.

     I believe in Jesus, the promised savior, Son of Man, Son of God. Again, described by many people in many different ways. But he accepts all of them, just as he accepts any sinner, soul, or believer, who cries for help.

     I believe in the Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit flows through everyone, taken in different forms, and different meanings, but all of them pointing us back to God.

     All three members of the Trinity are different. All of them have different names, each given to them by the ones who believe. Every believer sees God in their own light, and every sinner has the Holy Spirit in them.

     During Confirmation, we wrote down the things we loved and believed about God, Jesus, and the Church, and no ones’ answer was the same. Yet, we all believed the same thing. We all believed in the Trinity of the three parts, the love of God, and the resurrection of the Savior, Jesus Christ, just as we do in the Church Universal.

     We all pray for different things, yet we all do so knowing they will be answered. We all receive different answers, but we know they are all from God, and have meaning. In this Congregation, there is no doubt that we all interpret God in our own way, but we still remain in union. Though we are all different, God does not doubt our faith. Through our differences, God’s glory is shown; proving how he does not need special rules to be seen. Was it not Jesus who said that one need not be Jewish to see God? They simply had to believe in him. Our differences show how God can reach anyone, no matter how different they are. But they also show how God is more than what we individually believe.

     God is more than we know, and God will always be there, ready to be accepted by anyone. No matter how many times one names God, or how many stories are told, God is always in union. God has not changed. The union of the three members of the Trinity remain, just as our congregation remains in unity, as we all believe in the same God, no matter the names we use or the stories we tell. So as I prepare to join this congregation in its unity, I affirm what this church has believed from the beginning of time.

Confirmation Class

Confirmation is the process by which youth make an affirmation of faith and officially join the church.

The curriculum this year is Big God Big Questions: Confirmation for a Growing Faith.

Found on the PC(USA) store website, Big God Big Questions "is focused on preparing youth to authentically answer the traditional membership questions:

   - Trusting in the gracious mercy of God, do you turn from the ways of sin and renounce evil and its power in the world? 

   - Who is your Lord and Savior?

   - Will you be Christ's faithful disciple obeying his word and showing his love?

   - Will you devote yourself to the church's teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers? 

Big God Big Questions equips students to employ the study of Scripture, tradition, and church, to tell their own story as Christian believers in the context of their local congregational experiences."

To learn more about Presbyterian confirmation, visit this website here.

If you or our child would like to know more about joining our Confirmation class 2019-2020, please email Pastor Emily at